What’s new at Gina’s: Discover our new method of applying hair extensions

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This month, Gina’s Hair Salon is introducing a new method of applying hair extensions. Our extension stylists specialize in Nano-link Hair Extensions–a small and safe extension method for thin and thick hair. These extensions use a tiny bead to attach extensions to your hair strand by strand so that it can move freely without putting stress on your hair follicle. The beads and your hair can be reused for up to a year.

You may be aware that extensions can be used to add length to hair for a bombshell look but did you know that they can also be used to add volume? If your hair is thin, you can use extensions to add body to your hair. If you’ve been considering an ombre or balayage style but are apprehensive about bleaching your hair, nano extensions can help you achieve the look without the damage.

Using only high-quality human hair, these extensions look and feel completely natural and can be styled with your straightener, curling iron and other styling tools like normal. Extensions will hold style well with minimal product and can be washed less than natural hair, saving time. Gina’s stylists can colour extensions to match your hair.

Nano-links attach extension pieces to natural hair using a tiny bead the size of the tip of a pen. The links are almost invisible and there is no glue, wax, sewing, or braiding required. When nano-links are properly installed they are undetectable and do not slip from your hair.

The extensions used at Gina’s are 100% healthy cuticle-intact human hair.   Avoid tangling and matting with good-quality hair that won't require excessive brushing or styling. Good quality hair acts just like your normal hair and makes wearing extensions simple and beautiful.


New Method Hair Extensions