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AntiGravity Facial

The ultimate skin-tightening facial for those in the quest of advanced lifting and tightening

Harnessing the power of micro-current (RMD) and the latest cosmeceuticals with collagen boosting ingredients and Dermaplex Peptides, which fill the skin in several layers. The intention of this treatment is to combat loss of firmness, tone and definition in the contours of the face. The skin is immediately firmer, smoother and tighter. The contours of the face will look more defined and sculpted. Complimentary brow, lip, or chin wax included.

Approximately 80 minutes.

  • AntiGravity Facial - $189 + applicable tax
  • with Oxygen Infusion Treatment - $243 + applicable tax
  • with Microneedling Nano Mesotherapy - $234 + applicable tax
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RMD Treatment

RMD combines five electrotherapy technologies to support the treatment of skin texture: smoothing of age-related expression lines, pore tightening, and muscle toning. Using ultrasound and four different kinds of electric currents—this treatment will increase local blood and lymph circulation, stimulate fibroblast activity, increase the synthesis of new collagen, repair existing collagen and regenerate the homeostasis of skin cells. Safely following a computer-guided program, your aesthetician will skillfully apply all five technologies simultaneously at the optimum treatment intensity for a remarkably effective treatment.

Approximately 40 minutes.

  • RMD Treatment - $108 + applicable tax
  • with Oxygen Infusion Treatment - $162 + applicable tax
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Renew your complexion

Brighten, rejuvenate and smooth out your complexion with this process that encourages new cell growth and evens out skin tone and texture. Improve the appearance of sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and scarring with gentle abrasion for skin rejuvenation. Exceptionally beneficial for all skin types – from excessively oily to aging. General improvement is evident from the first treatment; however, 6 to 12 treatments provide optimal results.

Approximately 50 minutes per treatment.

  • 1 treatment - $119 + applicable tax
  • 4 treatments - $432 + applicable tax
  • 1 treatment with Oxygen Infusion - $173 + applicable tax
  • 4 treatments with Oxygen Infusion - $648 + applicable tax
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Oxygen Infusion Treatment

Can be added to any facial therapy.

Oxygen Infusion Treatment can breathe new life into stressed skin. Oxygen infusion technology combines the revitalizing power of pure oxygen and ozone to stimulate cells. Aging and external agents reduce oxygen supply to the skin – deoxygenated and tired skin becomes dull with premature appearance of wrinkles, spots, and impurities. This treatment accelerates the cells regeneration, acting against skin aging and restoring it to its natural freshness and luminosity.

$54 + applicable tax

Approximately 20 minutes.

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