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Body Treatments

Escape the stress of daily life and surrender to one of our calming spa body treatments designed to restore physical, mental and spiritual balance

Purifying Aromatherapy Steam Room

Moisturize and purify while eliminating toxins from your body

Indulge in our relaxing steam room where warm dewy mist infused with aromatherapy blends fills the room, moisturizing and purifying while also helping to boost lymph and blood circulation-facilitating elimination of toxins from tissues. You are left with an overall sense of well-being and your body is prepared to receive a relaxing body therapy treatment.

Can be added to any body treatment for $15 or purchased separately.

Approximately 15-20 minutes.

    $25 + applicable tax
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Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Must experience to believe the soothing effect of this Shiatsu massage

From the bottom of your feet to the top of your neck this luxurious chair is the perfect add on to any service.

Benefit from a Collagen Eye Mask while relaxing – $10

Approximately 30 minutes.

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Cellulite Leg Treatment

Envelopes the lower half of the body in an intensive draining and shaping treatment showing instantly visible results for a more harmonious and sculpted body and firmer, smoother skin. Enjoy a relaxation massage while cocooned for maximum contour.

Approximately 60 minutes.

    $115 + applicable tax
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Soothing Body Glow

Experience hydrated and velvety soft skin

Smooth and regenerate your skin with a Purifying Aromatherapy steam followed by an all over body polish and re-mineralizing cream massage. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while a cocooning heated wrap promotes hydration and penetration of essential nutrients. Your skin emerges totally hydrated and velvety soft.

Approximately 60 minutes.

    $115 + applicable tax
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Detox & Renew Seaweed Wrap & Steam

Feel refreshed as toxins and debris are scrubbed away with a full body polish

Once cleansed, detoxify and reoxygenate cells while immersed in a concentrated Marine Algae Seaweed wrap. Experience a full-body relaxation massage to melt away stress.

Approximately 90 minutes.

    $125 + applicable tax
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Spa Herbal Wrap

Replenish and restore your body

Relax in our Aromatherapy Steam Room where your skin is prepared to receive a smoothing body polish! Following the polish, a body balancing nourishing body masque is applied before you are cocooned in a heated blanket for maximum absorption of essential nutrients. For ultimate relaxation, enjoy a scalp massage following by the application of a regenerating oil that is massaged over the body leaving it replenished and restored.

Approximately 90 minutes.

    $130 + applicable tax
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