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Spring forward: Put your best face forward with Diego Dalla Palma’s new filling and lifting skin care line + How to keep hair frizz-free this May

FilLift-Diego Dalla Palma

Enhance the effects of cosmetic injections or enjoy some of the benefits--prick-free with Diego Dalla Palma’s new FilLift line.

While the beauty world has been increasingly enjoying the benefits of botulinum toxin (Botox) and fillers, cosmeceutical brands like Diego Dalla Palma have been taking cues to develop topical formulas that follow similar actions.

Botulinum toxin weakens or paralyzes a muscle to prevent movements that cause skin to wrinkle, preventing lines from forming. Filler, on the other hand, is most often based on hyaluronic acid--a substance that is natural to our bodies and is highly attracted to water. Hyaluronic acid diminishes with age, causing skin to look sunken, crepey or saggy. Fillers can add hyaluronic acid to the skin to increase volume and structure in the face and lips.

FilLift is designed to revolumize, fill and smooth using key ingredients Collalift®18, Dermaplex peptides, and Amplified BTX Hexapeptide-1. In clinical instrumental studies FilLift was found to reduce eye wrinkles and increase tone in 95% of subjects in just 28 days.


Derived from a bark extract from African Mahogany, Collalift®18 stimulates the production of collagen XVIII. Collagen XVIII is the only type of structural collagen found in all layers of the skin. The main role of collagen XVIII is to wrap the support structures of the various layers of the skin, like a sheath, creating volume. Unfortunately, collagen XVIII significantly decreases with age. Collalift®18 makes the skin more resistant and promotes facial tissue lifting, helping to restore volume and increase definition.

On the surface of the skin Collalift®18 reduces enlarged pores and refines skin texture. Beneath, it combats sagging and loss of definition by strengthening the skin’s anchoring structures. In the dermis it envelops the capillary network, improving skin’s microcirculation, oxygenation and metabolism. Finally, in the hypodermis, it surrounds fat cells, creating volume and minimizing the appearance of hollow areas.

Dermaplex Peptides

Dermaplex peptides increase skin density and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Peptides are chains of amino acids which act as the building blocks for structural proteins like collagen in different skin layers.

In the top layer of the skin Dermaplex Peptides increase the skin’s resilience against external agents, ageing and mechanical stress. Beneath, they stimulate the production of collagen and lumicans--essential to protect the tone and firmness of the skin--reducing wrinkles and sagging.

Amplified BTX Hexapeptide-1

This extremely effective neuropeptide has a smoothing effect--relaxing the micro-contractions of facial muscles which cause expression wrinkles. It reduces the release of molecules that promote the contraction both on the nerve ending (that triggers the contraction) and directly one the muscle and myofibroblast (that regulate the contractions). This, in turn, helps to prevent wrinkles and deliver a smoother complexion.

Hyalu & Collagen Filler Lifting and Filling Concentrate

An ultra-lifting cosmetic treatment inspired by the combined techniques of filler-botolinum injections. A concentrate of pure anti-ageing active ingredients.

Box contains 3 ampoules x 3.5 ml

Eye and Lip Contour Cream

A complete multi-active eye and lip contour filling treatment. The combined action of Collalift®18 and Dermaplex peptides strengthen the collagen in all the layers of the skin and provides new mechanical support to dermal tissues, reducing the appearance of droopy eyelids, crow’s feet, expression lines and vertical lip lines. Its targeted anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness active ingredients soothe your skin and diminish the look of dark areas, granting fresher and brighter-looking eyes.

Remodelling Lifting Effect Cream

A smoothing treatment with “supporting” effect. Infused with Collalift®18 and Amplified BTX hexapeptide-1, it activates a dynamic cosmetic lift with a 4D reshaping effect:

  • redefines facial contours;
  • restores volume in cheeks and other areas of the face.
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.
  • smooths out expression lines.

With its enveloping and velvety texture, day by day, it delivers a youthful, lifted and harmonious look.

Spring showers: Staving off Frizz with Eufora’s Smooth’n Collection

We all love May flowers, but the corresponding humidity can leave hair looking less than polished. We’ve asked Master Stylist Heather about her favourite frizz-busting products.

“Our Smooth’n line by Eufora is definitely a go to! One of the most important things to know is that a line is called a line because you should use all of the products from start to finish. Start with shampoo, then conditioner, a serum, stylers, and a finishing product. Yes, this seems like a lot of product to have in your hair but everything is super light-weight. You only need to use very little due to the quality of the product. Eufora’s Smooth’n line has no additives and is silicone and phosphate-free. When using the Start-to-finish theory your hair-style that you’ve worked so hard on lasts much longer--which means less work in the long-run!”

Heather--Master Stylist

Eufora Smooth’n Collection

Eufora’s Smooth’n collection delivers exceptional moisture, shine and frizz control. It smoothing formula provides a cumulative benefit eliminating frizz and making future styling easier with each use.

The Collection includes:

Eufora Smooth’n Frizz Control Regimen

Frizz Control Shampoo

Offers ultimate frizz and humidity protection to smooth and seal a frazzled cuticle and help repair split ends.

Frizz Control Conditioner

Extra moisturizing formulation helps eliminate frizz and leave hair looking and feeling silky, shiny and smooth after just one use.

Smooth'n Oil Therapy

Non-greasy, frizz-fighting formula contains a maximum dose of antioxidant enriched oils that nourish and protect the cuticle.

Eufora Smooth’n Straight and Smooth Regimen

Retain Heat Styling Spray

Multipurpose styler applied to dry hair prior to using hot tools. Assists in holding curls or keeping hair smooth throughout the day.

Thermal Defense Prep Heat Damage Protectant

Multi-benefit prep spray protects from damage and breakage caused from blow drying and heat styling tools. Provides thermal protection from tools up to 428°F (220°C) degrees. Detangles, adds moisture and leaves hair feeling soft, moveable and touchable with great shine.

Straightening Balm Smoothing Blow Dry Cream

A dual purpose blow-dry cream with exceptional leave-in conditioning benefits. Provides lasting smooth and shiny results with excellent frizz protection. Straightens and smoothes frizzy, curly and wavy hair with staying power. Hair is soft and moveable without a stiff or tacky feeling.

Eufora Smooth’n Frizz and Flyaways Regimen

Tame Frizz Control Spray

Frizz Control Finishing Spray provides a flexible, brushable, light hold. Adds just a hint of shine while leaving hair touchably soft.

Behave Lightweight Styling Cream

Lightweight styling cream for perfect control to any style. Enhance curl and wave. Define layers. Control frizz.

Pure Polish Shine Emollient

Finishing gloss perfected to control frizz and flyaways. Delivers exceptional shine and softness without the greasiness.