New Year's Resolution: Treatments to renew in 2022

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For many, the new year is a time to reflect and set intentions to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you’re trying to sleep or move more, stress less, or simply practice self-love–these treatments will encourage a healthier new you. 

Deep Heat Sachet Aromatherapy Massage

Melt away stress and work through tight muscles with a warming deep heat massage with soft, pliable heated handheld sachets. Sachets mold and contour over the muscles, bones and joints. This treatment is a deeply relaxing full body massage with firm pressure for therapeutic benefit while providing a deep sense of physical relaxation and mental calm. Massage Receipt available when requested at time of booking.

Conditioning Hair Treatment

Destress with confidence boosting Conditioning Hair Treatment to restore health to dry hair. Enjoy a relaxing head massage and a conditioning treatment or hair mask applied under a warm towel. Treat yourself to smooth and shiny hair. 

Spa Foot and Leg Therapy Pedicure

If you are increasing your activity in 2022–your feet and legs are probably feeling it. Remove dead skin and increase circulation with a foot and leg massage. A relaxing warm paraffin wax mask adds moisture to skin for soft hydrated feet.

Personalized Rebalancing Facial

Skin is the body’s largest organ and when its delicate balance is off it can be hard to feel your best. Your aesthetician will identify the state of the skin in each area of the face and create a specific targeted treatment, customized to your skin for immediate results. The facial is based on epigenetics, the science that studies how the external environment (pollutants and lifestyle) influence the expression of DNA and the appearance of skin. Enriched with high performing ingredients such as Royalactin-EPI peptide, Dragons Blood and a highly stabilized form of vitamin C. Cell activities associated with increased signs of ageing and facial imperfections are reprogrammed. By stimulating the skin’s repair process your skin will feel nourished, revitalized, and completely balanced. Your aesthetician will prescribe a set of facial products best suited to your skin (with a ten percent discount) so you can maintain your skin health at home.