Nail Care Boot Camp!

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Tips for healthy nails

Do you dream of long, strong, natural nails? Most people find their nails grow better in the summer due to factors such as increased humidity and Vitamin D. To encourage this boost from mother nature we’ve created a list of our best nail care tips so that you can use this summer to whip your nails into shape.

Step One

Take Biotin dailyBiotin is a B vitamin you can take as a supplement or find naturally in foods such as cooked eggs, sardines, nuts, nut butters, whole grains, cauliflower, bananas, and mushrooms. Biotin can strengthen hair and nails and help your nervous system to function properly. Biotin is water-soluble meaning it is not stored in the body and must be consumed every day. Mushroom omelette anyone?

Step Two

Use a Keratin treatment daily—Keratin is a type of protein that forms the cells that make up the tissue in hair, nails, and other parts of the body. Keratin protects nails by making them strong and resilient. Your nails are naturally made of many layers of keratin and they may need a little extra to repair and strengthen. CND RescueRxis a blend of jojoba and keratin. Designed to strengthen and moisturize damaged nails—RescueRx comes in minis, full size and pen form.

Step Three

Use a cuticle oil daily—just like plants need hydration to grow, your nails do also. A cuticle oil will hydrate your nails and nail beds. CND Solar Oil is our go-to as it is made of a natural blend of light oils and vitamin E. Solar Oil is available in minis, full size and pen form. Perfect to keep in your purse, car, nightstand, or even gym bag.

Step Four

Use a soft nail file—Filing your nails can prevent tears and splitting but it is important that you are using the right tools and filing correctly so as not to damage them further. Crystal or Glass nail files are essential! Crystal or Glass files are pretty, long lasting and easy to clean. When using, make sure you always file in one direction with long, swift, gentle strokes.

Step Five

Use a moisturizing polish removerCND Offly Fast is full of macadamia and vitamin E oils. This remover will act fast and keep your nails hydrated to easily remove Shellac or Vinylux polish. Although there is a percentage of acetone in this remover, it will not leave your nails peeling, flaking, or splitting. We recommend taking your polish off after 14-21 days and suggest intensely hydrating the nails between applications.

Step Six

Use a nail strengthener—Are your nails soft, peeling, or splitting? OPI Nail Envy is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, protein, calcium and many more nutrients that can restore the health of your nails. Nail Envy comes in clear, and three different shades of pink so your nails look beautifully manicured while you strengthen and repair them. Nail Envy will also coat the nail and add some protection from wear and tear.

Step Seven

Get manicures often—A professional manicure will remove rough or splitting edges, dry cuticles, and hangnails. After a manicure your nails will feel luxurious and healthy and you are more likely to be cautious with how you treat them in your day to day life. One of our favorite additions to a manicure is a warm paraffin wax treatment. Paraffin wax is soothing for the joints, aches, and pains. The regulated heat opens the pores allowing the applied creams to penetrate deeply leaving the skin and nails moisturized and silky smooth.

Step Eight

Wear gloves (and moisturize) —Exposing your hands to water and chemicals repeatedly will traumatize your nails. It is essential to use gloves when cleaning and washing the dishes as cleaning solvents dehydrate. Each time you wash your hands be sure to follow up with a hand cream or nail oil. Applying a rich hand cream such as Diego Dalla Palma’s Happy Hands before bed will give your hands the opportunity to absorb moisture without being washed or wiped off as it might during the day.

Step Nine

Drink Water—With all this mention of moisturizing you may have forgotten that our best moisturizer is hydration! Drinking water will help you to avoid toxicity and help you digest nutrients. Our body’s general nutrition can be reflected in the health of our hair and nails. Drinking water will keep your skin and nails hydrated.

Step Ten

Use a high-quality shampoo—Have you noticed that shampooing is often when you best clean under your nails? High quality shampoos will not strip your hair or nails of their natural oils. In fact, a nourishing shampoo will enhance and protect your hair and nail health.