Mother’s Day Guide: Love Delivered

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The Gina’s women talk motherhood, beauty, and personal skincare favourites + Shop our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We’ve selected a list of our top products to show appreciation–whether you’re shopping for a little special something or the perfect gift.

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What’s your beauty philosophy as a mother?

Looking after myself, and feeling good about my skin, hair and nails has a huge impact on my general outlook and affects my positivity. This in turn, affects everyone around me—especially my kids. By taking time for myself I’m a better mom!

What is your favourite service to be treated to?

Pedicures and getting my hair done are essentials but if I really want to relax my go-to is the Spa Herbal Wrap. It’s a detoxifying body treatment that includes a scrub and body masque. You’re wrapped in a heated blanket which helps the skin absorb essential nutrients. My entire body feels so soft and radiant after this treatment. It’s great for circulation and really helps ease my muscles—it’s the perfect treat after a workout or before a big event.

What is your favourite product and why?

I love to use a facial serum daily—at the moment I’m using the Revivyl Resurface² Skin Regenerating Retinol Serum. My skin feels nourished and hydrated while it works on my wrinkles and dark spots. The Retinol is micro-encapsulated so I can wear it all day without degradation. It releases gradually over time so I get the amazing benefits of Retinol without the dryness or irritation. I’m always amazed at how moist, plump and smooth this serum makes my skin feel all day.



What’s your beauty philosophy as a mother and grandmother?

I was raised by an Italian mother in the beauty industry and skincare and beauty were always an important step in her day. In the European tradition, people enjoy skin and beauty benefits at every age. Body treatments are much more common in Europe than they are here. Cosmetic technology has never been more advanced than it is right now and I try to demonstrate to my own children that even as a busy working mother and grandmother, it only takes a little time to practice an effective beauty routine and put your best self forward.

What is your favourite service to be treated to?

Along with regular facials, I make sure to get Fractional Laser Facial Rejuvenation regularly as it is a quick and effective way to treat fine lines and wrinkles, and increase collagen production! The treatment is only 30 minutes and there’s little recovery so I can easily fit it into my day. The heat initiates the skin’s natural healing process to increase elastin and skin cell growth. It’s an easy boost to a great skincare routine.

What is your favourite product and why?

My favourite facial products are from the brand-new FilLift anti-ageing treatment line. The products plump while also regenerating collagen at all levels of my skin. As a result of these treatments, I have reduced my wrinkles and my skin looks firmer and more full. My favourite skin products are the Diego Dalla Palma FilLift 24-Hour Remodelling Lifting Cream and the FilLift Hyalu & Collagen Filler Lifting Filling Concentrate.



What’s your beauty philosophy as a mother?

With two kids under two, I need multifunctional beauty products that work quickly.

What is your favourite service to be treated to?

I can’t wait to treat myself to a series of Revivyl Glow Facials to tighten pores, smooth lines, and brighten my complexion. The peel is so effective—it’s the best pick-me-up when my skin is looking run-down. The treatments are only 50 minutes so they’re easy to fit into my busy schedule.

What is your favourite product and why?

I tell all my friends about the Multi-Tasking Oil. I used it throughout my pregnancy and postpartum for my entire body--my belly especially—and it’s breastfeeding safe.

I also love the Reviving Hyalu Gel for eye contour after sleepless nights—it prevents wrinkles in the eye area and immediately brightens and masks dark circles and puffiness, plus the rollerball gives me a relaxing massage while I apply.

For a day and night cream I love the Skin Code Anti-Age Micro-Renewal Cream to smooth, even and brighten my complexion.