Go into winter with clearer skin!

La Bella Vita Blog Acne Care Nov 23

Gina Studio Estético’s Acne Care Facial reduces pore clogging sebum, blackheads, and breakouts! The facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a skin assessment to determine what type of acne the guest has in order to use the proper skin products. The products used within this facial can help to kill bacteria, break down excess oil, promote healing, reduce inflammation, and aid in the healing of acne scarring.

This facial includes extra time for extractions, followed by a treatment with our high frequency machine depending on the type of acne that is being treated. This machine uses high frequency currents and argon gas to promote healing and to kill bacteria deep within the pores.

Benefits of the High Frequency Machine:

  • Kills acne causing bacteria safely.
  • Minimizes inflammation and redness.
  • Reduces acne and prevents future breakouts.
  • Shrinks enlarged pores.
  • Oxygenates the skin.
  • Increases circulation.

Experience the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage that helps to flush toxins that are underneath the skin. The treatment is finished with a face mask, as well as the application of the appropriate serum and cream for the guest’s skin and acne type. You will leave feeling refreshed and cleansed!

Blue Light Therapy Add-On

We now offer LED Light Therapy as an add on!

Blue light therapy has an antimicrobial effect which is highly beneficial for acne prone skin. This therapy is effective at killing acne-causing bacteria, controlling sebum production, and soothing the skin. Blue light therapy also has anti-inflammatory benefits, which can aid in decreasing redness associated with acne.