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Holiday shopping made easy with Gina's December 2020 Gift Guide

The uncertainty of 2020 has shaken up our lives in many ways and the thought of holiday gift shopping can feel like being caught in a snow globe. To help you through these foggy and uncertain times we’ve prepared a Gift Guide to match the interests of everyone on your list. 

These products can help your loved ones relax and benefit from high-quality result-driven formulations—even in 2020.

For the outdoorsy person: Aloe Vera Gel All-in-one Face/Body 150ml

Perfect for a windswept face after a day on the slopes or for someone who got a little too toasty by the fire. With 96% Aloe, this gel knocks most aloe creams out of the park.

This is a multi-action fresh gel for every kind of skin. It repairs, soothes, protects, refreshes and moisturizes. Suitable for the most sensitive skins, it gives immediate relief to irritation. Can be used for: Sunburns, cracking/ dryness, heat irritations, shaving and hair removal, diaper rash and insect bites.

For your all-natural friend: Jelly Oxygenating Scrub 75ml

This vegan orange-scented Jelly Scrub uses environmentally friendly sugar crystals for an effective smoothing action and multiple skin benefits! No environmentally harmful microbeads required. 

The organic nasturtium flower—rich in iron and Vitamin C—increases oxygen flow in the skin. With aromatic and organic Orange Flower Extract, this scrub purifies the skin and leaves it fresh, bright and relaxed!

For the luxury-lover: Icon Time Deluxe Kit

If you’re buying for someone who loves the best of the best in skincare this Kit is sure to please. Packaged in a blush Beauty Case, this duo includes the new and decadent Gold Elixir Anti-Age Redensifying Serum and the Renewal Anti-Age Cream

Gold Elixir Anti-Age Redensifying Serum 30ml 

Suitable for all skin types, Icon collection’s first gold-infused serum combines collagen and hyaluronic acid to firm and smooth skin. This serum contains an amino-peptide complex, which stimulates collagen production and combats the wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of tone associated with “glycation”—one of the main skin ageing processes caused by excess sugar in the diet. 

Renewal Anti-Age Cream 50ml

This moisturizer regenerates the skin in its deepest layers by stimulating the production of ‘Klotho’ proteins which activate a firmer and plumper complexion. It is recommended for people during or premenopause who suffer from dry skin, loss of tone and brown spots. Its rich nourishing texture is ideal for the dry dehydrated skin that occurs in cold weather.

For the expecting mother: Multi-Tasking Oil 100ml

A light repairing and nourishing natural oil blend. Helps skin adapt to changes by maintaining elasticity and repairing scars, stretch marks and chapped or cracking skin. Safe to use on babies and while breastfeeding.  

Oils Include

  • Rosehip oil: Softening and anti-stretch marks
  • Oily mistletoe extract: Toning and elasticizing 
  • Argan oil: Restoring and anti-age
  • Monoi de Tahiti: Soothing and protective
  • Sweet almond oil: Elasticising and anti-stretch marks
  • Jojoba oil: Repairing and anti-dryness
  • Babassu oil: Nourishing and protective
  • Acai oil: Revitalising and antioxidant
  • Passionflower oil: Silky and moisturizing
  • Oily extract of white-water lily flowers: Soothing and relaxing
  • Oily extract of hibiscus flower: Antioxidant and regenerating
  • Oily extract of ylang-ylang flowers: Silky and revitalizing
  • Oily extract of frangipani: Moisturizing and relaxing
  • Vitamin E: Protective and soothing

For the person with a busy life: Living Proof’s Go Beyond Clean Kit

Living Proof’s patented technology repels dirt and oil from the hair and scalp to help your style last longer between washes. This Kit includes the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner 236ml and their all-star Dry Shampoo.  

The PHD Dry Shampoo cleans the hair between washes, volumizes and never leaves a powdery root. This product is perfect for someone who needs to freshen up quickly!

For the trendy teen: Jet Black Nano-Titanium + Ceramic Flat Iron

A great styling tool for beginners and experts who want to elevate their hair routine. A staple that will last for years to come. 

This Flat Iron is slim and versatile. Can be used to smooth and straighten or to create a beachy textured look. Nano-Titanium distributes heat evenly and creates a smooth glide while ceramic eliminates frizz and seals in moisture. 

Adjustable heat for all hair types and textures.

For the front-line worker: Liquid Multi-Active Facial Mist

This is a refreshing face mist that creates an invisible protective shield on the skin with an anti-pollution, antibacterial, purifying, and makeup setting action. Can be sprayed on face and masks to refresh throughout the day. This will protect skin from mask related breakouts.  


  • CICA Silver CPX (with 0.1% micronized pure silver)* - purifies and protects the skin from external agents. Reinforces barrier function 
  • Cymenol - antibacterial
  • 3D PolluBlock - protects from free radicals in the skin caused by pollution

For anyone in 2020: Body Bioenergy Kit

If you are buying for anyone of any age who needs to relax with a Spa body treatment at home, then this is the gift for you. Packaged in a blush skincare case, this Kit contains a Regenerating Scrub Balm and Super Moisturizing Cream. This gift will be enjoyed by anyone who showers and feels better when they’re moisturized. 

Regenerating Scrub Balm 250ml 

The regenerating scrub works on the face and body as a 3-in-1 shower treatment: smoothing scrub + hydrating cream + progressive chemical body peel for a luxurious body treatment in just a few minutes. Remove dead cells and with a gentle hydroxy acid that leaves skin smooth and radiant. Helps to minimize the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris (those little red bumps that are common on arms and legs). 

Super Moisturizing Cream 250ml

This cream offers unmatched hydration—even on the driest parts of the skin. A winter must-have! Anti-ageing, elasticizing and nourishing for long-lasting softer and smoother skin.