This service provides an effective, permanent method of hair removal using the most technologically advanced computerized equipment available today. Our electrologists are experienced, fast and provide immediate results.
All hair and skin types may be treated safely.

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  • 5 minutes | $12
  • 10 minutes | $20
  • 15 minutes | $30
  • 20 minutes | $38
  • 30 minutes | $45
  • 45 minutes | $60
  • 60 minutes | $70


Lasting and effective results need repetition. Gina’s Medi Spa offers specialized programs for the face and body that progressively target specific conditions with each visit. Please inquire how Gina’s, your partner in skin care, can customize a program to meet your goals. Our Medi Spa team offers a free one on one, in-depth consultation dedicated to meeting your personal goals with optimal pricing.

Key Reasons to consider Gina’s Medi Spa

  • Free consultation to establish a personalized treatment plan
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians
  • Considerable price reduction when treating more than one area
  • Ongoing promotions for competitive rates
  • No package prepayment required
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