Top Hair Trends of Summer 2016

Posted by on 26 August 2016


We may be in the final stretch of summer, but at Gina’s Spa we’re not ready to hang up our sunhats just yet. Instead, we’ve decided to take a look at the top trends of summer 2016.

Gina’s stylists have had a lot of requests for playful, statement looks this summer. Colours, cuts and styles have all been bold and impactful.

Here are the top three hair trends at our Spa this summer:

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1) Boxer Braids (à la Khloe Kardashian)

Also known as the double Dutch braid, boxer braids are styled as two symmetrical braids, starting from the forehead and tightly incorporating all hair. The difference between a Dutch braid and a normal braid is that the braiding is reversed so the braid is on the outside instead of tucked away on the inside.

This look is not only fun, it’s functional as well. Perfect for workouts and athletics, as it keeps hair in place and out of the way. It’s an easy style that will last for days. And when finally taken out, you’re left with a bonus style - wavy hair (another favourite look of summer!).


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2) Pastel Hair Colour

Gone are the days when there were only four categories of hair colour (i.e. blond, red, brown, black). Pastels have made it onto the colour palette and they seem to have staying power. The most popular colours at Gina’s this summer have been greys, blues, lavender and rose gold.

If you’re a bit nervous making a permanent change to pink, you can pick up a bottle of Blond Me – Spray on Colour from Gina’s. Blond Me is a temporary colour for people with blond hair tones that sprays on and washes out over the course of a few days. Despite the name it’s actually available in four tones – strawberry, jade, ice and steel blue. An ideal solution when you want to change up your look for a big night out or try several colours before settling on one.


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3) Undercuts

Not just for men anymore! Women are now embracing the undercut too. If you regularly wear your hair up, consider adding a bit of edge to your style with undercut and simple hair tattoo. This is a look that will definitely turn heads.  

We believe the hottest trends of summer 2016 will easily carry over to the Fall.  For more information or to book a consultation, contact Gina’s today!