The only temporary root touch up you’ll ever need!

Posted by on 27 October 2016


Gina’s Spa introduces the new and improved EUFORA CONCEAL to their product line.

According to research, more than half of Canadian women colour their hair on a regular basis, and the recommended time between touch-ups is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. But with hair growth averaging 12mm/½ inch per month, what do you do in between appointments when the roots are starting to show or the shimmer of grey can be detected?

At Gina’s, we believe in providing treatments that work for all lifestyles and
beauty goals, which is why we are proud to be the first spa in Waterloo Region to
offer Thermage to our clients.


At Gina’s Spa, we have the perfect solution. The recently revamped Eufora CONCEAL is a temporary root touch-up powder that is highly recommended by both our clients and staff.


How does it work?

CONCEAL is a lightweight powder that works flawlessly to hide regrowth and give the impression of fuller hair. It’s easily applied along the scalp and hairline and begins to work right away, with no need for dry time. And just because it’s temporary, doesn’t mean you have to worry about CONCEAL staining your pillowcases; the colour stays in place until you next wash your hair. For best results, simply seal with a light finishing spray. To top it off, CONCEAL contains all-natural ingredients with no artificial colourants

It’s basically a miracle worker as far as we’re concerned.




How is the new version different from the original?

The aerosol spray can has been replaced with a wide, retractable brush which allows for precision coverage every time with no mess.  Also, CONCEAL was previously only available in two colours but now Eurfora has broadened the colour range to five fully blendable shades including brown, dark brown, blonde, auburn and black.

No matter your hair type, CONCEAL is the perfect temporary solution for covering greys and creating the impression of fuller looking hair.




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