Summer’s here! Time for a change?

Posted by on 4 July 2017


Summer is a popular time for making a hair change. After a winter of hiding under coats and hats, no doubt it’s the sun and warm weather that encourages people to make a change, whether it’s with a fresh cut or new colour.

Here at Gina’s, we always want our clients to look and feel their best, which is why we take the time to thoroughly discuss any hair change, and offer advice and guidance before diving into a new style.

If you are thinking about making a hair change but aren’t sure where to start, here are some suggestions:


1) Dark hair

In the Summer we tend to brighten up our clothing choices – so why not brighten our hair too? If you have darker hair, adding a few highlights will not only brighten your look but will add depth too. Highlights don’t have to be platinum or blonde either. A beautiful caramel can add just as much impact to an overall darker hair colour; like a sun-kissed glow.

Balayage/ombre/sombre, however you may call it, is a look that requires very little upkeep, with highlights being applied away from the root area. The lighter hair will slowly grow out without having to touch up the roots, like you would normally have to with traditional highlights.


2) Lighter hair

Go brighter! Lighter hair looks even better with a summer tan! Be aware, however, that your hair can only take so much wear and tear. That why we like Schwarzkopf’s Fibreplex. It’s an additive that allows our stylists to push the boundaries because it protects your hair while it’s being lightened.

If you already have light hair, why not add a splash of fun with pastel colours? Pastel colours are temporary, which gives you the chance to try them out without the commitment. For an at home pastel look, try Schwarzkopf’s BlondMe Sprays (available in Ice, Strawberry, Jade and Steel Blue) on wet or dry hair, any way you like. The colour lasts for between two to four washes.


3) Long hair

Craving a change but afraid to lose the length of your luscious locks? Adding a fringe, or bangs, is a great way to change an overall look, and you don’t need to go for the full, straight across fringe. Even a side swept fringe or some simple face framing can refresh your look, and it’s great for putting your hair up. Leave out the fringe or some of the layers around your face for a softer, more styled look. Layers can also give your long locks shape and style without losing length. They create movement within the hair cut while giving more shape and style to your look.


4) Short hair

‘Short hair, don’t care!’ This year, we have had many requests from clients wanting to go shorter with their length. We are also seeing more celebrities going this route with their hair. The short hair trend is stronger than ever! But it doesn’t have to be a pixie cut. Short can be anything from pixie to bob length. Think of all of the styling time you would save with less hair!


A change in hair doesn’t always have to be drastic. Sometimes, subtle changes are the most striking. With hair colour, remember that depending on the change, your wardrobe or makeup may need to change slightly to suit the new colour. Our makeup artists would be happy to help you select the proper makeup for your new look.

If you are considering a change, the best thing to do is bring in pictures of the look you are considering. Our stylists will have a thorough consultation with you so that they can tailor the idea to you and your hair. We offer complimentary consultations to clients wanting to discuss their options before their service.

What are you waiting for? Change your hair today! Our stylists can help you get where you want to be.