A Marvel of Beauty – Diego Dalla Palma’s Youth Venom

Posted by on 27 April 2017


Mae West was quoted as saying, “you are never too old to become younger!” We’re not sure if this was the inspiration for Diego Dalla Palma’s latest product series, Youth Venom, but it’s fitting nonetheless. 

The Youth Venom series has been designed for women of all ages, and for every skin type, which is why we love it at Gina’s. DDP’s products are ideal for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without injections or invasive treatments.  

Youth Venom clinical tests conducted on participants with deep wrinkles and expression lines over the course of 28 days revealed a significant reduction in wrinkle volume and wrinkle depth, and increased smoothness and overall glow. 

How does it work?

Literally made from the venom of the Conus Seashell (but stripped of any toxic paralyzing components), the Youth Venom serum and cream are both potent smoothing formulas that work together to minimize the signs of aging.

The Youth Venom serum is a wrinkle antidote that relaxes the micro skin contractions to reduce the number, volume and depth of even the deepest wrinkles. As soon as the serum is applied, it rapidly absorbs into the skin, instantly giving the sensation and appearance of smoothness and tone. 

The richly textured Youth Venom cream works with the Serum to further reduce the signs of aging. Containing a high concentration of the Conus Seashell venom, called Conotoxin III, it is recommended that the cream be applied after the serum to enhance skin firmness, smoothness and vitality. 

Rewind the clock with Youth Venom 

At Gina’s, we believe in helping our clients to look and feel their best, which is why we offer a variety of products and services to suit different lifestyles and beauty goals. 

To find out more about the Youth Venom series or other Diego Dalla Palma products, visit Gina’s today!